Ik ben het waard!


Fri 28 okt – sun 30 okt     

      Unlock your awareness
Fri 6 jan – sun 8 jan           

    Unlock your flow of love
Fri 3 maart – sun 5 maart 

    Unlock your body, sensuality and sexuality
Fri 28 april - sun 30 april   

    Unlock your divine feminine

Every time from friday 11 am to sunday 4 pm

3 individueal online healings

3 online group sessions

€3000,-* incl VAT

*All inclusive 

*To be paid in 1, 2 of 4 terms

A selection of the offer:

  • workshops/teachings
  • plant medicine ceremony
  • sweat lodge ceremony
  • watertempel ceremony
  • body work
  • energetic healings
  • Body Remembers Trauma Therapy
  • trance journey with drum
  • sound bath
  • divers forms of expression
  • fire ceremonies
  • sauna and jacuzzi
  • organic vegetarian meals
  • 4 times 2 nights in 2-persons room
  • Location: De Bilt, Nederland

Unlock Your True Self

This is a trajectory is a series of 4 retreats. It will be given to women in both English and Dutch (Dutch info can be found here) and is a collaboration between Hélène (From Thinking To Being) and myself.

What does this trajectory bring you?

  • A life with less weight on your shoulders.
  • A clear view of how are living your life.
  • Insights about your next step on your personal path.
  • A fresh look onto the world inside and outside yourself.
  • Tools to manifest the life you desire in a way that fits you best.
  • A reality that matches your personal frequency.
  • A free life, full of opportunities and love.

Set up of the trajectory

  • Online meeting to get to know each other
  • 4 retreat weekends with several themes
  • 3 online individual healings
  • 3 online group events

You work on your awareness and the healing of old patterns and programs. In the workshops and teachings, you gain insights into the themes. In addition, each weekend has a special event in its theme, which also matches one of the four elements (resp light, fire, earth, water).

During the first weekend with the theme ‘Unlock your awareness’ you will make a journey into yourself and reveal hidden knowledge with plant medicines (the combination of cacao and magic truffles, or only non-psychedelic cacao). The second weekend ‘Unlock your flow of love’ offers you a sweat lodge ceremony. the third weekend ‘Unlock your body, sensuality and sexuality’ will learn you theoretically and physically about your body, communication of your wishes and desires, and yogi release techniques in collaboration with Marielle. During the last weekend ‘Unlock your Divine feminine’ you will receive a water massage and you will be carried and supported in the water temple of Rosanne from WithinWaters.

During the whole trajectory, you will get different forms of healing, by which you can release old energies and patterns at a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. For specifics, see bullet points below the picture.

You can indicate your interest via the contact button below. We will get in touch with you to schedule an online meeting. After getting to know each other and tuning in, you can feel whether this trajectory is truly what you need and desire!